Here Julian is talking about how to stop hurting your body when swinging the golf club, if you find this helpful and would like to contact Julian simply visit
Loved watching that ball get moved both ways Michael, thank you mate was great to meet you πŸ‘Š For anyone unfamiliar with my PA… Sorry Lexi! Here is a link to here debut on the [More]
Sohee Lee μ΄μ†Œν¬ Golf Swing: Coach of the year 2018 | SWING VIETNAM #SoheeLeeμ΄μ†Œν¬ #swingvietnam #coachoftheyear #κ³¨ν”„μ„ μˆ˜ #골프 #κ³¨ν”„μŠ€μœ™ Sohee Lee μ΄μ†Œν¬ KLPGA Class A member, 660 TPI Certified, POWER LEVEL 2 TRACKMAN LEVEL 1 [More]