We see many swing idiosyncrasies among the world’s longest drivers. But there is certainly one component they all possess – a strong, stable and active trail leg during he backswing. The stabilising and activation of [More]
Barry Baynard Jr., President of Athletes Performance Center LLC Athletes Performance Center/ MVP Baseball and Softball Academy 2991 Fulmer Drive Suit 110 Bargersville, IN 46106 athletesperformance@gmail.com (317) 300-4568
Get 2012 off to a great start: Strength coach Ben Shear, who trains Luke Donald and Jason Day, demonstrates two exercises that will not only strengthen your lower body, but also give your body some [More]
Mark Tolle of Golf Fitness Chicago demonstrates an advanced exercise for developing increased strength and power in the golf swing.
www.seancochran.com – Sean Cochran – Sports Performance Coach – Golf fitness exercise to improve power and strength for the golf swing
Imagery can help you improve the strength of your golf swing and distance of your drives. Learn a powerful image that you can use to hit the ball harder in this free golfing video lesson. [More]
How to Improve Your Golf Swing http://www.athleticgolftraining.com Golf conditioning will help develop your golf swing just as much as hours of hitting balls trying to increase drive distance on the practice range. Alex Fortey demonstrates [More]