Having a good swing tempo and correct acceleration will help your swing path and help you hit better, more consistent golf shots.
http://rotaryswing.com/videos/full-swing-basics/weight-shift/rst-tempo-drill?in=chuck&ref=563 This drill will help you understand part of what creates tempo in the golf swing – your weight shift – and how to do it produce effortless power in the golf swing. — Follow [More]
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Top 3 Golf Swing Tempo Myths – Tour Tempo’s John Novosel Jr. breaks down his top 3 golf swing tempo myths.
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Episode 3 of “In The GOLFZON.” This simple tip will improve your golf swing rhythm and tempo. Follow Us: Instagram @mttgolf Twitter @mttgolf Facebook @maketheturn
Too quick? Then go quicker!! You are “too quick” because you go too slow. Ha Ha!! Just watch the video…
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