Wedges can be some of the most important clubs in your golf bag. These are your scoring clubs, and each plays a different role during a round of golf. Wedges are irons with lofts greater [More]
Swinkey is demonstrated and explained. The Golfer’s Toolbox. The SKLZ Smash Bag helps to square the club head and much more. Practice, play and win!
This video quickly reviews the various uses of the Golfer’s Toolbox, the only all-in-one golf training aid on the market today.
Looking for golf training videos? Discover the Golfer’s Toolbox instructional video on how to improve your game with over 25 unique drills, techniques and exercises.
Muscle Memory Golf Training Equipment. Perfect Golf Labs has developed muscle memory golf training equipment based on scientifically perfect golf motions. The machines are extremely adjustable to fit each individual golfer’s stature, club choice and [More]