Today I’m going to focus on how we can improve balance through our lower body training. Many traditional exercises, like squats and deadlifts, are done on two legs. This is great for getting strong, but [More]
Want to hit the ball further? Watch this video! Here’s a more advanced fitness workout with Strength and Conditioning coach Harry Jameson â–ºBecome a FREE SUBSCRIBER to THE JAZZY GOLFER now! Click the subscribe button [More]
Four lower body exercises to help you produce more power from your legs in your golf swing. If you are not using your legs in your golf swing you are missing out on a lot [More]
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Here are some fun dissociation exercises/drills for junior golfers. These drills are also great for core strength and stability and fitness.
Clips from the Ultimate Performance Golf Training DVD. See more at! It’s no accident Nyle Pruitt Can Hit his drives 350+ yards consistently. Maybe his golf training exercies have something to do with it. If you’d like to improve your golf swing, these gold training [More]