Moves in sequence; elbow move, upright backswing, not dropping club at top, right side loading, keeping head behind ball. Weaknesses; not shifting weight correctly in backswing, no dual ER at transition and throughout downswing, hands [More]
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Christian Marquardt (inventor) introduces the SAM PuttLab and its meaning for analysis of the putting stroke.
Plane Perfect Golf Machines User and Setup Video. A closer look at how the machines are setup and can be used to improve your swing quicker than any training aid on the market. Visit: [More]
If you want to have more power in your golf swing then the impact position is what you need to focus on. The Bungeeclub swing trainer will help you find that power when you keep [More]
A slow motion small-scale introduction to increasing lag in your golf swing.
MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment, US Patent #6,988,957 B2 is the most comprehensive golf training equipment available today with 59 separate claims to its patent. It will improve the way golfers learn and practice. Any instructor, [More]
Plane Perfect Swing Plane and Pendulum Perfect Putting Machine featured at Perfect Golf Labs, a muscle memory golf training equipment company. Adjustable to arc of straight path, perfect result tests on Sam PuttLab analysis.
Lag Rag training to increase club head speed