Tyler Parsons is a PGA Tour trainer who developed this very simple, dynamic warm-up you can do anywhere to help prime your body and activate your muscles prior to ever swinging a club. Make sure [More]
CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! http://www.athleticgolftraining.com We have all had to tie our laces on the first tee, because we were late. Here are some easy and quick to perform golf warm up exercises [More]
Use this comprehensive 7 exercise golf warmup to get every joint in your body ready for a day on the greens. These simple golf exercises will help prepare your body for a round of golf [More]
This is a simple golf warmup using a club. 1. Shoulder Raises – ease into this one. Start with club on this, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise up to chest high, bring back [More]
In this video me and Ross Eves look at a 5 minute warm up to use before you play to improve flexibility. Ross ►http://www.evesgolffitness.com/ Ross Twitter ► https://twitter.com/rosseves ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH [More]