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A few warmup and mobility exercises you can perform with a KettleBell
Kettlebells are a convenient and easy to use implement that can help you not only improve your game but your fitness level as well. Grab a kettlebell and give this workout a try!
Here’s a short Kettlebell Complex to improve your fitness for golf. Including the KB Swing, KB Truster, KB Bent Over Row and Plank w/ KB Taps.
In the second part you’ll see exercises that involve rotations. Rotational movements are in the transverse plane and include any twisting motion. These dynamics are used in sports that involve twisting movements at full power [More]
Übung aus dem E-Book “Kettlebell Fitness”: https://golfstun.de/akademie/golf-fitness-kettlebell/
Exercises For Golf – Kettlebell Swing. Kaitlyn shows you the proper technique for a very popular, yet often overlooked in the golf world, exercise for your entire body that’ll help your game. Get your FREE [More]
Kettle Bell Exercises For Golfers. In this video, Nick shows us the value of what he describes as “lifting something heavy”. Get your FREE eBook “How to Add 5 Yards to Your Drive in LESS [More]