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  • Watch free golf fitness and exercise videos  that target specific muscle groups used in your golf game, improving body motion or flexibility. These video tips, techniques, drills are from local and pro golf trainers, proven to improve aspects of your game and eliminating several bad golf playing habits.

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this scotish girl is the next andy murray to golf, as andy is to tennis. such a confident and balanced swing will, in my mind, win many many many ladies tournaments in years to come. [More]
Face-on view of the tee-shot from the 15th hole (Par 4), Pro-am (1st July 2015) Buckinghamshire Golf Club. Video taken with Exilim high-speed camera at 210 fps.
Kiran Matharu on the rane next to Michelle Wee practicing Hard for the RICOH Woman’s British Open. ANY QUERIES ABOUT LESSONS OR IF YOU WOULD JUST LIKE SOME SIMPLE TIPS & DRILLS, FEEL FREE TO [More]
Ladies golf swing before the training starts for summer 2016
Kiran Matharu working with coach Mark Pinkett & Assistant coach Matthew Cooke on the range at Carnoustie Golf Club Scotland. ANY QUERIES ABOUT LESSONS OR IF YOU WOULD JUST LIKE SOME SIMPLE TIPS & DRILLS, [More]