In this preview video, DMC Certified Athletic Trainers Allison Cortellini and Scott Person take DMC Director of Health and Wellness Craig DeLeon through some sample exercises. To learn more about DMC Sports Medicine, visit [More]
Mark Wilson stars in this episode of the Golf Fitness Academy.
Daniel Remon from takes you through some simple yet essential pre-game stretches to help you drive further off the first tee, reduce golf injuries and reduce your handicap. – daniel is one of [More]
IMPROVING MY GOLF FITNESS – SESSION 1. My first proper session with TPI Trainer Rachael Tibbs from Dynamic Golf. ▶︎ Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to my youtube channel here: ▶︎NEW VIDEO EVERY MONDAY FOLLOW [More]
Hope you enjoy the vid… My favourite part is “in and out nice and dynamically”not sure what I’m describing here! check out 480.203.6228 Golf Fitness Instructor Phoenix AZ TPI Certified Trainer Scottsdale AZ- Mindi Boysen presents back swing exercise to help you improve your game.
Working on improving the body during the off-season. This short video is what consists of my TPI workout. Your fitness level sets the ceiling of your potential. Raise that and elevate your game!
Spring is in the air, and for many of us that means it’s finally time to start playing golf again after a long winter layoff. To help us get our games tuned up for the [More]
▶︎ Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to my youtube channel here: ▶︎NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY & FRIDAY Here’s my first session with Rachael from Dynamic Golf – before we get into the training, we needed [More]
In this episode of The Golf Fitness Academy you will learn about rotational power and how important it is to hitting the ball further.