This Video shows a 14year old Golfer. Clips were taken over a 1year period. Exercises are only some examples of hundreds of Functional Exercises done in that time! Website for Personal Training consultations
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Welcome to SuperSpeed Golf Level1. Now that you’re warmed up and have progressed from the introductory protocol it’s time to increase your speed. Training week windows: -Intro : Weeks 1 – 4 -Level 1: Weeks [More]
Sometimes simple is the best. For less than 10 bucks build yourself one of the most effective and efficient training aids you will ever use. The towel snap and it’s progressions build upon efficient rotational [More]
This video is about Forearm Strength for Golf Power David Rutkoski, Golf Fitness coach, can be contacted at He operates out of no limits gym in signal hill california. David works with the following [More]
The devolpment of a good athlete starts with fundamental movement and skill aquisition. A great athlete has all of it and great body awarerness, simetry and control. In the GolfeFit fitness program for golfers we [More]
PGA Professional Robin Symes explains overspeed training and how using this method really can increase your clubhead speed. VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR ARTICLE, ONLINE LESSON, AND MORE GREAT VIDEOS DOWNLOAD MY APP “COMPLETE GOLF [More]
Broom Training Golf Swings – Increase Power And Speed Through The Ball
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Golf Motivation with Arnold Schwarzenegger “6 rules of success” speech. More vids on the way. I don’t own this footage or audio. Follow on twitter: @Spenney