Golf swing and fitness with TPI and Me and My Golf. Part 3. Piers and Andy are at the Titleist Performance Institute with Co founder Dave Phillips and in this video Dave takes Andy through [More] – this power swing weight golf trainer is the most portable and affordable golf club weighted training aid on the market. The advantages over a weighted club are: you use it on “your golf [More]
There are often areas we overlook but the wrist plays a major roll in the swing. From radial and ulnar deviation to flexion and extension, the wrist must move and also support the weight of [More]
CHRONICLES OF A NOT YET CHAMPION GOLFER #19 | Stretch & strength training ROUND UP: 1. Come next season…..SMASH IT 2. Is it really state of the art? 3. Breathe! 4. Stretch it 5. What [More]
Here’s Five exercises aimed for female golfers to help improve Club Head Speed. Power/explosive exercises can often be forgotten about/ neglected, with focus on corestabfility, flexibility, Yoga and Pilates type exercises. 2 sets of 10 [More]
…or Ankles Aren’t for Rolling 1) Increase Power and Accuracy 2) Reduce the Chance of Injury 3) Improve Balance If you’ve read any of my blogs then you know that when I talk about the [More]