Contributor Marin shares some exercises to use yoga to improve your core strength and flexibility for an improved golf swing.
In this episode Chaz will teach you a series of yoga poses that will help you on the course as well as off the course mentally and physically. Here I’ll show you yoga stretches to help improve your golf game. You gain better balance, flexibility, range of motion, focus & more energy. Yoga For Golf Amazon Kindle eBook has a step by step with details of how to perform these beginner yoga poses great for all ages. It has 10 great articles that explain more of [More]
Do you jump out of the car and onto the golf course without even a stretch? No more! To improve your golf game, you need to prepare your body. Karen Fabian, founder of Bare Bones [More]
Yoga for post round recovery.
Sportskool Yoga coach William Asad shares exercises that create a greater range of motion to improve your golf game. SportskoolPlus is the number one video channel dedicated to fitness, yoga, exercise, sports instruction and coaching. [More]
Join Gwen Lawrence in a yoga class, specially designed for Golfers. She shows you the best stretches and poses to work the shoulders, back, core and legs.
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