Club Face Control Lesson | No Slice Golf Swing

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Marked by an aggressively curving flight path, slices are a golfer’s worst nightmare, especially when they’re unable to control these missed shots.

In this George Gankas golf vlog, players are educated to the means by which a golfer can control the position of their club face during their golf swing, which will guarantee no more slices in their game.

The GG Swing Method has been adopted by players from around the world who have made vast improvements in their game after consuming hours of George Gankas golf vlogs on a variety of specific topics.

Gankas understands that an open club face acts as one of the main contributors to the many habitual slicers currently active in the golfing community.

George’s most recent video on club face control during our golf swing provides detailed drills that players can practice to quickly improve their shots until they have made their slicing problem a thing of the past.

Even though our club face has a heavy influence over the direction of our flight path, there are other contributors to slicing like weak grip, improper swing stance setup, and an outside-in swing path.

Utilizing the golf swing tips found in Gankas’ lesson, players can immediately begin correcting their golf swing and put an end to their sliced shots immediately.

In several cases of chronic slicing, the player often needs to correct their swing path in order to stop slices from plaguing their outings.

Sometimes golfers are forced to deconstruct their entire golf swing from setup to follow through.

Most golfers will not have to look very far beyond their swing path in order to make corrections to their overall swing.

The typical slice happens on an outside-in swing path, as players who swing on this path will find that elements within their golf swing, like an improper take away have contributed to this flawed swing path.

Correcting the positioning of our golf club during our take away will prevent our swing path from going outside-in, and in turn reduce the probability that a slice will be produced.

A proper take away can be easily identified by the positioning of the golf club, which should be square and while paralleling the shaft to the turf below the player.

Once a player has corrected their takeaway, proper swing path will happen naturally in their golf swing and stop slices from happening.

Many slices take shape when players adapt an open swing stance at address.

In most cases, golfers have their feet aimed left of their intended target during this open stance setup, causing their shot to slice often out of accommodating the extra space needed to power their shot down course.

An open swing stance of this nature has been shown to produce an outside-in swing path that almost always produces slices.

Players are often able to fix their swing stance by situating their lead foot parallel to the line of their intended target.

Setting up your swing stance this way has been called squaring, as the stance takes on considerable symmetry with the correct swing path towards our intended target, drastically reducing the likelihood that a sliced shot will be produced.

Often, golf instructors have observed habitual slicers are opening their club face because of the weak grip they have applied to their swing.

Evaluating the grip of your golf swing can be the answer to reducing the amount of sliced shots you’re experiencing, as it will instantly correct the open face problem that likely serves as the root cause of your slices.

Our club opens up to our swing path at impact when a weak grip has been applied to a strong swing.

This means that by correcting the strength of our club grip, golfers will instantly reduce the probability of producing a sliced shot in only a few adjustments to their grip.

Grips with more strength will produce a clean release, rather than the sloppier release found in weak or more neutral grips.

The increase strength in our grip assists in squaring our club face through impact, eliminating the opportunity for the face to open up at impact and cause a slice.

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