Consistency for Golf – Golf Exercises For More Power and Accuracy – Glute Exercises

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Consistency for Golf – Golf Exercises For More Power and Accuracy by training and developing the glutes and posterior chain

Here Matt Scott – Golf fitness specialist shows a golf workout and exercises that will give a very solid posterior chain. Meaning strong glutes, hamstrings, core and balance.

All of which will help greatly for you pursuit of consistent by enabling you to maintain posture through your swing and maintain balance also and different lies.

It will also help your golf swing by generating power.

Swing speed and power comes from gravity but also from the ground up, the glutes (the butt) are very large muscles even if all you do is sit on them all day and they can help you a lot in your golf swing consistency.

Not only will they improve your speed and accuracy on all shots, buns of steel will make you more appealing to the opposite sex. So even if you have a shocking day on the course you can wander around showing off the firm booty!

Give some of these exercises a try and add them too your current golf workouts and routines for fitness for golf and life.

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