Creating a Winning Golf Swing

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A winning golf swing is created by maintaining proper foot to ground contact resulting in a balanced body movement during your golf swing that creates power, accuracy and consistency. The 11/18/2014 video is prior to muscle activation treatment required to improve certain joint range of motion limitations found during initial evaluation and teaching/retraining the golfer how to properly take advantage of foot to ground contact (Four Points Golf Technique). The 11/25/14 video shows definite improvement in body balance and position during the golf swing due to increased joint mobility and flexibility allowing better foot to ground contact. The comparison screenshots at the top of backswing, impact, after impact and follow through show better body positions throughout the swing. This video clearly illustrates the essential requirement for both minimizing joint range of motion limitations that negatively impact body movement during the golf swing AND learning proper foot to ground contact for any golf training program. These two keys are the first steps directly related to better club plane and path resulting in good ball striking which can lead to lowering your scores.