Dan Shaugers Mike Austin Golf Instruction lessons

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http://www.golfinstruction.co.nz “Golf Instruction Videos by Dan Shauger. Dan has just updated his latest videos that you can view by clicking the link. Knowing your own swing centre allows you to keep your head still in the golf swing.

The swing centre circle allows you to bring the club head back to the hitting zone without losing balance or control

Among his protégés are Dan Shauger, Mike’s pupil and friend who Mike worked with for over 25 years. Dan currently teaches the swing in North Hollywood, California and taught Jim Liska (Home page), John Marshall and Jaacob Bowden who are accomplished World Long Drive competitors. World renowned Long Drive Champion Mike Dunaway also studied under Austin for over 25 years.

Jim Liska has studied and used the Austin Method since 2002 and teaches the Austin method at an indoor facility in the Pittsburgh Area. At the age of 59 and small in stature at 5’11” and 165 lbs, Jim hit a ball 362 yards in a sanctioned LDA District Tournament. He has qualified 4 times for the WLDC in Mesquite, NV and finished 5th in the Grand Champion division in 2007. John Marshall has qualified 3 times, has won 2- ALDA Championships and teaches in the Atlanta area.

Jaacob Bowden, a newcomer in the sport of long drive and an aspiring Tournament player, who at only 6′ tall and 210 pounds (not large for that competition), achieved 381 yards in one of the Pinnacle Distance Challenge contests. People of all levels of experience and ability rave about this easier swing, and attest to its superiority over conventional golf swing technique. Anyone who tries it will discover that it’s easier to learn and that it creates effortless power and accuracy.

Visit Jaacob Bowden at swingmangolf.com!

The principles of the swing are straightforward. They simplify the control of direction and require a lot less practice to remain ‘tuned up’ than what we are used to. Beware if you take instruction in this swing and later take a conventional swing lesson, the instructor will probably have no clue what you are trying to do unless they are familiar with Mike Austin and will tell you that you are doing everything wrong.

You will never believe conventional instruction again, once you have been schooled in this revolutionary method!

Dan Shaugers Mike Austin Golf Instruction lessons