DK Metcalf's Diet | What DK Metcalf Eats

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*READ* (GQ Article – “I try not to eat a lot of fats and oils, and I stay away from carbs and sugars.”):

*DISCLAIMER*: We don’t work/live with DK and watch him eat every meal. These diets are based on articles and interviews. ALSO, although Metcalf has mentioned his intake of oatmeal and strawberry milk, these are two very high-carb foods, so they do need to be limited to maintain a low-carb diet, as mentioned in the video.

ALSO, if DK is MAINTAINING rather than BUILDING, low-carb is a believable diet choice.

YES, athletes do need carbs to recover and refuel, but this is what we found in articles and interviews. Thank you.

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What does DK Metcalf eat? Metcalf’s diet is a key factor to his athleticism and durability. Let’s break it down.

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