Do You Freely Swing Through The Ball? Golf Schools by Golf Made Simple

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Swing So Well That You Can Hit The Golf Ball Blindfolded!

If hitting the golf ball up in the air and near your attended target is important to you … yet, you’re struggling to do so consistently … this week’s video is for you!

There’s not a part of your golf swing that’s more important then when the club meets the golf ball. Yet, this moment happens so quickly … it’s difficult to feel, and you can’t see it without watching in slo-mo or pausing a video at that moment

So if you can’t see it or feel it while swinging … how can you practice to make sure that your club is hitting the golf ball in the proper spot to make it fly in the air to your satisfaction?

This week’s video shows that if you understand where your body is at impact (when the club meets the ball) … you can hit the ball fine without thinking too much or complicating your swing. In other words … if your body moves into a good impact position … the club will automatically hit the ball without any extra effort from you

As opposed to the many Golfers that make the mistake of overly concentrating on the ball while swinging – such as straining to keep their eye on the ball, or keeping their head debilitatingly still so that they can watch the ball

Watch This Week’s Video … To See A Drill That’ll Allow You To Hit The Golf Ball Without Worry