Dynamic Chest Rotation For Natural Golf Swings

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One of the most shocking days for any golfer happens when they finally figure out that controlling their golf swing has little to do with the way they move their arms.

While our hands, wrists, biceps and shoulders each contribute in some capacity to our swing, the ultimate control exists in our chest rotation.

As with the entire library of George Gankas golf lessons, learning to rotate our chest properly follows the same principles found in the GG Swing Method.

The GG Swing Method promotes the distinct strengths in each golfer, while using the unparalleled insights and drills that George Gankas has made a name for himself with in the sport.

Many of Gankas’ students began as juniors and have become top prospects on the tour circuit.

In order to achieve the best possible results in your shots, you must utilize larger muscle groups in order to accomplish your goal.

Rather than relying on smaller muscle groups in our arms, proper chest rotation will provide a greater deal of force, delivering the best possible shots regardless of the situation.

Many novice golfers and even amateurs with some experience often become preoccupied with perfecting the countless elements at play during their golf swing.

While being a perfectionist can be expected in a game like golf, each of the components that make up our golf swing should be worked on in order of importance.

Proper chest rotation during our golf swing ranks high on that list, though several players neglect to give it a second thought while perfecting their technique.

One of many things that professional golfers have in common, effective chest rotation during their golf swing carries many to victories and critical acclaim.

Professional golfers utilize their chest muscles during both their backswing and downswing, as both swing transitions benefit from the energy found in this part of our body.

As many instructors will preach, the primary objective of a good backswing serves to create the best possible situation for our downswing.

Because much of the energy that we generate during our backswing will be diminished as we transition into our downswing, golfers should view this part of their swing simply as a means to get your downswing positioning in the best possible order.

During a proper backswing, our chest must rotate opposite of the intended target, which will provide enough space for our downswing to power through impact with maximum force behind it.

The chest movement in our backswing gives our downswing the space and positioning needed to build up speed and power, allowing the player to maximize their abilities on the course.

When specifically working through drills aimed at optimizing your chest rotation during swings, players must be mindful of their tempo throughout.

Adapting to a rhythm while rotating our chest can be considered nearly as crucial as the energy generated through this movement.

As golfers rotate opposite of their intended targets and then readjust and become parallel to their target, the tempo of each movement must remain consistent and concise.

The only adjustments that need to occur in the tempo of our chest rotation happen as the player lags at the top while changing the aim of their backswing.

Our chest plays a huge role in maintaining the rhythm of our golf swing, so if you find that your timing seems to be off, an improper rotation in your chest muscle group should be investigated as the likely root issue in your swing.

Making the needed adjustments to your chest rotation will likely cure any issues you’re having with the overall tempo of the golf swing.


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