Easiest Draw Shot You'll Ever Make – Golf Swing Tips

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Named after the path a golf ball takes while in flight, a draw shot primarily operates as an aimed hook shot.

Moving to the left for right-handed golfers and to the right for lefties, draws are a great utility shot that all golfers should master to emerge successful when faced with difficult situations on the golf course.

Understanding the importance of drawing the golf ball at will, George Gankas golf lessons provide expert strategies for working draw shots into a player’s normal routine, as part of the overall GG Swing Method.

Known the world over for assisting players of all skill levels with improving their game, George Gankas golf instruction has become renowned under the GG Swing Method banner, gaining Gankas notoriety in nearly every country where golfing occurs.

While all golfers hate unintentional hooks, which almost always happen due to a miscalculation by the player, draw shots have become a highly sought after skill that select players are able to replicate with little to no practice.

For those players who are unable to draw the golf ball naturally, Gankas has compiled his best golf swing tips for draw shots and the easiest methods to ensure your success.

Players unfamiliar with drawing the golf ball may not have a clear understanding of when this type of shot should be best utilized on the golf course.

One of the most common reasons for golfers to choose to use a draw shot happens when obstacles are being avoided on the golf course.

Bunker areas on the course are often avoided by drawing the ball away from this obstacle, leading to a much easier short game experience for the golfer.

Drawing the ball in the opposite direction of the bunker area will lessen the chances of having to shoot over the bunker, or worse, land in the bunker and have to work your way out of the sandtrap onto the putting green.

As previously mentioned, a special few golfers will be born able to draw the golf ball, and for that reason these fine players will have little use for the remainder of the article.

For those who have to actually train and experiment with their techniques, experimentation with a variety of methods will be the best indicator for which works best for you.

Several players may already find a slight curvature in their routine flight path, which will require that several methods to drawing the ball may need to be overstated by the golfer during play.

Often, players can combine elements from several draw shot strategies if need be, in order to secure their intended results.

Frequently, players assume their routine swing stance, but also close out the face if their golf club during address before executing their typical golf swing.

When this standard drill does not yield success, players often will create a swing setup that parallels their clubface with their intended target, while closing off their stance, so their shoulders and lower body muscle groups are aiming slightly right of their intended target.

Once mastered to a comfortable level, players will find an increase in self assurance knowing that they’re able to draw their shot at will, making many of the most dreaded obstacles on the golf course simply things of the past.

Even in the event of a missed or pulled shot, drawing the ball back in the right direction provides a huge amount of value to the golfer, especially a novice player who may just be starting to learn the rules of golf.


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