Easy Golf Swing For Seniors⛳

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Great for Senior Golfers or Anyone who wants to improve their Golf Swing!


• Step-By-Step checkpoints to load the golf club in the Optimal Back Swing Position allowing you to Consistently hit the ball with more Dependable Accuracy and Distance.


Golf 72 Swing Online Golf Lessons Includes:

• Videos on the Golf Swing Basics – Grip, Iron Stance, Driver Stance

• Videos on the Swing – Setting Your Wrist, The Upswing, Loading
The Club, The Downswing, The Follow Through, and More

• Videos on Customization

• Videos on Tee Shot Routine, Fairway Shot Routine, Sand Trap Shots, Shaping Shots, Range Drills/Routine, and More

• Plus, Printable Quick Start Guide and Printable Range Drills


Start Loving To Play Golf Again with a swing that makes you look good by Consistently hitting the ball farther with more Accuracy and Distance -Guaranteed!


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Don’t let a sore back or bad knees keep you from playing the game you love.


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