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This FUNNY and SEXY Golf Swing training video compares the much more scientific WHEEL POWER Golf Swing against the current Traditional Golf Swing in an entertaining – but, yet very serious way. Sit back and enjoy this 1 hour light-hearted INTRODUCTION to a better golf swing.

It demonstrates EXACTLY why it is a much more superior golf swing for all you frustrated golfers struggling to be consistent.


Hit it Longer, Hit it Straighter – no more looking for balls in the rough or trees.

Eliminate SLICES and HOOKS.


and… NO MORE BACK and SPINE Pain.

Based upon an interpretation of the much more advanced MIKE AUSTIN Golf Swing Method.

This 1 hour INTRODUCTION video teaches golfers the basic concepts of the Wheel Power Golf Swing.

There is a follow-up 4 hour ADVANCED TRAINING video series which is a MUST-SEE after first watching this Introduction video.

See our website for more information.

Website: https://WheelPowerGolfSwing.com

0:00:00 Entertaining Start of Video
0:01:19 Opening Introduction
0:05:18 The Human Body
0:10:21 Traditional – Power Creation
0:16:10 Traditional – Weight Shift
0:20:57 Traditional – Path & Plane
0:26:00 Traditional – Square Club Face
0:28:22 Traditional – Summary
0:29:27 Wheel Power – Concept Overview
0:32:15 Wheel Power – Power Creation
0:37:46 Wheel Power – Weight Shift
0:43:48 Wheel Power – Path & Plane
0:50:26 Wheel Power – Square Club Face
0:57:18 Wheel Power – The Grip
1:00:15 Wheel Power – Step-by-Step
1:03:27 The Last Chapter
1:05:42 Advanced Training Video Trailer
1:09:17 Closing Comments, Next Steps & Credits

Website: https://WheelPowerGolfSwing.com

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