Elbow Pain from Disc Golf? Do These Two Exercises Daily…Even If Your Elbows Don't Hurt

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What’s the #1 reported injury in disc golf according to a Univ. of Arizona injury survey on the sport?

If you guessed elbow pain, then you are correct. One free mulligan for you at your next round 😀

In all seriousness, elbow pain is rampant in the disc golf community and if we don’t take preventive measures, chances are it’s only going to get worse. We are playing more, throwing farther, and there are more players entering the sport all the time.

Why is the elbow such a problem? The tissues (tendons, ligaments, muscles) around the elbow were not designed to handle the level of repetitive force and torque we place on them. If we don’t strengthen those tissues and take care of them, they will get irritated at best and start to break down at worst.

Strengthening those tissues are extremely important to lower your risk of injury and keep you performing at your best.

The LAST thing I want to see in disc golf is Tommy John surgeries become a thing in order to replace torn elbow ligaments like they do in baseball.

I HIGHLY encourage you to watch this entire video and start implementing these two exercises today. They are quick, effective, and you can do them anywhere and at anytime.

While you can’t completely eliminate the chance of developing elbow pain, these exercises will give you a much better chance of having a strong and healthy elbow for the long-run.

Stay tuned for more videos about how to keep your elbow strong and healthy.