Engage Your Core – Reverse Spine Angle Fix

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Using Your Core – PGA Professional Robin Symes demonstartes a drill to help you keep your core engaged in the backswing which maintains upper body stability.
A very common swing fault is what we call “reverse spine angle.” Briefly, reverse spine angle is where during the backswing, the upper body will tilt back towards the target. This is normally caused by a loss of core stability. So, this drill is to give you awareness of keeping your core active during the backswing; keeping your core engaged.
I’d like to you take your address posture as normal, with your arms across your chest. First of all, I want you to arch your back and I want you to round your back. I want you to arch your back one more. Now, as you pull your pelvis to a neutral position somewhere in the middle in that lifting your pelvis up, you should feel your core muscles engage. And this is an important point. You need to maintain this engagement of your core throughout the backswing.
So, from here from this pelvis position, I want you to keep your core engaged and keep the same pelvis position as you rotate your upper body. Keeping your core engaged is the key to maintaining upper body stability, and stopping your upper body reversing towards the target. A very simple exercise; 1. to develop a good address posture, activating your core, and 2. to be able to feel and become aware of keeping your core engaged during the backswing.

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