Exercise For Golfers To Improve Mobility and Your Golf Swing – Walking Lunge Rotation

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Exercise For Golfers To Improve Mobility and Your Golf Swing – see more here: http://www.theartofsimplegolf.com/free

Mobility training for golfers is one that you can do on its own or part of a warm up before you play so Greg is going to demonstrate a walking lunge with a twist.

He goes through I’ll talk you through it sees rotating over the leg that you stepping forward with I should be attempting to try to keep this hips level as he’s rotating their knees not dipping in words great once you’re back up and show us one that would be incorrect.

Here we’ll see a need dip in words see how his lead need drops in his strapping down those are things that are we want to avoid versus having the knee straight over the foot hip level with a rotation over the lead led well.

This is a great exercise to do preround really loosens up the hip flexors which allows you to get on your glutes I really get them activated for some power obviously also it’s working on some mobility for your upper trunk and your lats.

If you want to hit the ball further by increasing your swing speed, hit it straighter and have no pain after or during your round then mobility exercises for your golf swing are key to implement in your golf fitness program.

If you want to see improvement and consistency in your golf game, you should start using this golf exercise.

Take it slowly at first and do not overreach or perform the action too dynamically

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