Faster Sprint Times – Hamstring Training For Speed – Ep5

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Episode 5
Featuring, Zach Fuller owner of Corexcell. In this episode we talk about how to balance the glutes with the hamstrings for ultimate speed development. We show you how to test hamstring strength. You will also learn what exercises are more hamstring dominant and what exercises are more glute dominant.

About Corexcell:
Sports Training & Rehab Services. For Ages 10-70, Get out of Pain, heal injuries, run faster, jump higher, get stronger, improve flexibility.

Pheonix Wave Therapy:
Our Rehab treatment is based on testing the client for the weaknesses causing the injury. Once the weakness is found we run the specialized Phoenix current through the muscular imbalance to strengthen the weakness at a faster rate. What takes 2-3 months to get clients out of pain, can now be done in 2-3 sessions using the Phoenix technology. This is not a normal stim machine!!

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4 Fuller Dr
Northampton, PA