Five components you need for max disc golf distance besides good form

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Shawn is not only a former top touring pro (check his stats:, he has a kinesiology degree, and before going on tour, he was a physical education teacher. In this video, he explains five important components needed to achieve max throwing distance and why you need more than just good form.

Top pros didn’t pick up a disc one day and immediately have the ability to throw 400 feet. They practiced, developed muscle memory and got REALLY good at the five things that Shawn will talk about in this video.

With anything, being a top-level disc golf takes practice, patient and consistency. If you focus on these five components, you will excel and take your disc golf game to the next level!

Upper body (accidentally left out of video)
Seated shoulder press:
Seated cable row:
Tricep extensions:

Lower body
Back squats:
Box jumps:

Medicine ball standing rotations:
Single-arm cable row:

Explosive strength
20-yard sprints
Single-leg lateral jumps:

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