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Many problems on the golf course take root in a perpetually flat backswing. Your backswing will be considered to be flat if the left arm forms an angle lower than 45 degrees to the ground, during the top portion of your backswing. These backswings tend to be more horizontal than vertical, which would be the complete opposite of the more favorable upright swing style.

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Suffering from a flat backswing can be assessed by watching how your swing plane takes shape with a mirror or video recording device. First you’ll want to set up with any club and have the mirror staged to your right. While swinging to the top, hold position and assess whether or not your left arm creates an angle less than 45 degrees to the ground. Smaller angles will generate flatter backswings.

When standing too far from the ball during address, players have a tendency to overextend their arms, which will cause the swing path to wrap around the body so to speak. Just moving two inches or so closer will put your club on a more upright trajectory. Also, taking your club back too far inside of the target line almost always imposes a flatter positioning. Be sure you’re assessing how far back you’re taking your club to prevent this flawed motion.


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