Flexibility for Maximum Golf Power and Accuracy

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Turn within your flexibility for maximum power and flexibility.
Hi Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf and today we are going to talk about turning the shoulders more to create power and is that always the best thing? If you turn them correctly it is. But watch this. If I try to turn my shoulders more, then instead of keeping them on the original angle, turn and flatten my shoulders out, I will improperly put the club and the swing on an entirely different plane. That makes it difficult to get back to the ball. The other thing I see is that when players try to turn more they tend to stand up, incorrectly – straightening out of the spine angle established at address. Standing up out of the spine angle makes it more difficult to get back to the ball. The answer to the question “Is it always the best to turn the shoulders more?” is, turn within your flexibility. Maintain your original spine angle. Do not flatten your shoulders. Do not stand up. Turn as far as you can and then make your swing from there.