Full Body Golf Warmup [Exercises to Do Before You Tee Off]

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Use this comprehensive 7 exercise golf warmup to get every joint in your body ready for a day on the greens.

These simple golf exercises will help prepare your body for a round of golf by improving both your mobility and your stability.

You might notice that these movements are slower and more meticulous than other dynamic warm-ups you can find online.

There’s an important reason for that.

If you use these 7 exercises correctly, you’ll activate your muscles throughout their full range, building CONTROL over every joint’s full range of movement.

This should translate into not only a better performance at the tee, but a reduced likelihood of injury, too.

This golf warmup starts at the top of the kinetic chain and works all the way down. We start with neck mobility before moving onto disassociating head and torso rotation. You’ll then improve overall shoulder mobility, controlled horizonal shoulder flexion, scapular control and wrist range of motion.

Then we move onto the lower body, tackling hip internal and external rotation and functional ankle stability.

By addressing the entire body, joint by joint, we can improve golf performance and help reduce the chance of injury.

Remember to go slow and take your time with these movements – we want to focus on building control throughout an ever increasing range – not just relying on momentum and uncontrolled flexibility.

Give this unique and totally comprehensive golf warmup a try before you tee off. You’ll be warming up each joint for the game, increasing your range of motion, and improving stability and control. I can’t promise you’ll beat your golfing buddies, but it just might give you the extra edge!


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