Full ROM Shoulder Mobility Exercise (TRY THIS NOW)

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Poor shoulder mobility can result in shoulder pain and even pain in your low back and elbows due to compensation and this exercise will help improve full range shoulder mobility.

You’re working shoulder flexion, extension, horizontal flexion and extension and internal and external rotation – every movement your shoulders are capable of.

The keys to executing this technique properly are to:

1) Move slowly
2) Keep activating to push the end range, even though there’s no movement in that direction

As you get familiar with the shoulder movement and activation patterns of the exercise, you’ll then be able to improve your alignment and how you breathe when doing it (not holding your breath).

Do it often and everything you do with your shoulders will get better – from gym exercises to swinging clubs or rackets to throwing balls to reaching up to grab things from the top shelves in your kitchen.

If you have problems or need to restore proper movement and activation of your shoulders check out the Shoulder Control course: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/shoulder-control/

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