GG's Simple Golf For Beginners Swing Tips

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As golf experiences what many consider to be the highest level of interest ever in the sport, many beginners are jumping into the sport, some without much direction or instruction.

Developed by the precision found in George Gankas golf training, the GG Swing Method has assisted several juniors and experienced golf pros in honing their skills and improving their game.

The tips and drills developed through George Gankas golf instruction has made the GG Swing Method a highly sought after resource among countless golfers throughout the world.

When novice golfers are beginning their journey into the sport of golf, understanding the fundamentals of the sport are the most important step to developing positive habits that will allow our game to develop over time.

Golfers are encouraged to seek out resources to develop their skills in the sport, be it magazines, instructional videos, blogs like those found on the GG Swing web site and video training like the huge free library George Gankas has produced at our YouTube channel.

Be weary of the quick fix solutions that many golf instructors or marketing experts peddle to beginners, as there are no one size fits all solutions that will make you a professional caliber golfer in minutes.

Despite the lofty promises made by many in the golf instruction community, true skill has to be developed with time and practice.

Patience will be the most important thing a beginner can learn when starting their journey into the sport of golf, as many techniques will take longer than others, but the practice and dedication paid to these exercises will pay dividends in the long run.

An entire round of golf can be overwhelming to a player that has just started their training in the sport, which leads many trainers to insist that their students start out on smaller courses, often referred to as par 3 golf courses.

The advantage for novice golfers to first hone their skills on a par 3 course comes from the fact that the compact nature of the course will allow more time to focus on course management and development of skills needed to thrive on PGA style golf courses.

New golfers are also encouraged to disregard their driver during initial outings to the driving range and golf course, as using longer, more advanced golf clubs will be more difficult for beginners to hit with consistent results. Short golf clubs are a better choice, as the consistency in results found from using these clubs will help build early confidence in the player, which we all benefit from when learning new skills.

Mastering your golf swing with shorter clubs prior to the longer complicated golf clubs will ultimately be the best course for sustained growth in the sport.

Imagine if your golf swing never prospered simply because the golf club you’re using has a level of complication not suited for a beginner. This may derail your entire golf training plan.

Golfers that are just starting out are often concerned about looking foolish or incompetent at the driving range, which consequently may result in less practice time being utilized out of this fear of embarrassment.

Understanding that everyone who has ever played the sport has had to start somewhere should assist in finding your calm when practicing your golf skills in public, and also alleviate some of the social pressure you may find when learning techniques in front of friends and colleagues.

In fact, it may prove to be most beneficial for beginners to abstain from training with close friends or relatives when starting out in the sport, as it can often be the root of arguments that lead to damaging a relationship.

Look for a reputable trainer who can work with you that you do not have a personal relationship with, as any reservations you have about friends or family will get in the way of learning the basics of the game.




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