Golf Back Pain Workouts – How To Fix Low Back Pain For Golfers

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All golfers experience low back pain from time to time. For most of us, the pain isn’t serious and can be resolved with a routine exercise program.

Fortunately, I ran across a good friend of mine at a conference in San Diego when I had back pain issues. My pain was weird, I could tell it was caused by my weak back muscles but the pain ran down my hip.

My friend is Ian Hart who offers back pain relief at his gym EarthFit. Ian also has an online program you can grab that takes about 20 minutes to run through at

I was able to talk Ian into a Skype call with the promise there would be donuts in it for him (just kidding)..

Recently, I asked all of the family of Twitter followers (@GetFitForGolf) if they had any back injury problems. Fortunately, we do have a few followers out there and they sent in a lot of questions. The interview has some great nuggets that I hope help you out.

Prevent Back Injuries: New Workout Launching
If you do not experience pain and are looking to prevent low back pain and injury, I’ve merged some of the concepts I learned from Ian as well as strengthening exercises for the core in my newest workout — Back and Abs for Golf which will be released this coming Fathers day weekend.

Either program is guaranteed to add years to your golf game. The important thing is taking action and doing something about your back pain or taking the initiative to protect your back against injury.

Below you will find the actual video interview (poor quality I know) along with a written transcript just in case you can’t handle the crappy video.

The audio is a bit garbled at times, so I hired my gopher to transcribe it all for your convenience. The last thing we want you doing is an exercises called the Rotating… static… static… garbled… Chin… garbled….

Hey, it’s my first attempt at doing a recorded Skype Call.

I think next time I’ll hire George Clooney to play me..

Lights… camera… action..

Back Pain Relief Workouts for Goflers:

Transcript of Interview with Ian Hart of

If you’ve made it this far, I can assume you are needing some attention on your back. If that’s the case then head over to Ian’s website and order his Back Pain Relief For Life program.

If you are interested in preventing back pain, stay tuned… fill out the box to the right of our site with your email and we will send you info later this week on how to pick up the new Back and Abs for Golf.

Fairways and Greens,