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Upgrade your golf biomechanics and improve your game.

There is space to improve for all kind of golfers in their golf biomechanics.

I admire Brooks, and I am delighted that he is now the new #1. For me, as a method developer, I have analyzed his swing several times. That is my one interest.

I divide the swing in two parts: Method principles and his swing biomechanics, under anatomical view. His method principle is based on a 6-vector imbalance system. The space for him to improve in 2018 in Driving Accuracy is about 82% and in Green in Regulation about 46,41% . The biggest part to be improved is its health management, which can be 100% optimized by swing biomechanics.

the risk of repetitive injuries rise up extremely.

In 2018 he suffered by a serious wrist injury. The risk to receive a repetitive injury rises up to 150% by not changing his swing biomechanics. My years of experience has shown that if you had an injury on the weakest part of your body, the wrist, you could also have injuries on your left ankle, tibia, knee, ACL, hip, lower back, elbow, and shoulder.

Listen to your body and optimize your golf biomechanics.

Our body and mind are very clever, trying to avoid any kind of movement that damages his health. This is a kind of self-protection. In this way evasive movements arise. I admire all golf athletes, because they are all outstanding in their performance. However, they are victims to their unstructured, health damaging, swing biomechanics. If you want to be professional, you have to do everything in your power to act also professional. We are firmly convinced that the key to this lies in golf biomechanics and there begins.

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Consistency Golf Swing is a new Online Video Instruction System for more power, more distance and more consistency in your golf game. The step-by-step videos in combination with motor and mental training will change your game forever. Say goodbye to the trial and error systems and get ready to program your brain with a completely new and easy software. Benefit from the unbelievable advantages of this system.

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