Golf Drill: The Best Warm Up Drill

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Starting with a good warm up routine is the key to getting your body moving in the correct way. I see a lot of golfers warming up incorrectly. They will grab a golf club and put it on the back of their shoulders and turn them up and down versus in a rotational way.

You want to practice turning your shoulders more like helicopters blades, not like a see-saw. You want your body turning in a circular motion, this is how all athletics moves are. If you do any other sport, then you would be turning in a circular motion.

Next time you go to warm up before a round of golf, put the golf club on the back of your shoulders and practice coiling them in a circular motion. Picture the blades of a helicopter and how they move. If your body starts to turn in this way in your golf swing, then you are learning to move correctly.

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