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Grant Halverson, Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy, explains how to create more distance in your golf swing with your driver. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.

Dialog from the Video

My name is Grant Halverson and I’m a Master Instructor at the Aviara Golf Academy. Today I’d like to talk to you about creating a little more distance with your driver. Something we’re asked as instructors is “How do I get the ball to go farther?” and one of the things we see all the time, is that people tend to work harder to get less. So, what I’d like to give you is a little bit of a swing mechanic drill to try to get you to achieve more distance.

The first thing we want to do is make sure that our back swing gets fully turned as we go back. Our body is coiling up, our hips are moving around and back and our left shoulder is getting somewhere behind the golf ball. If my left shoulder is over here I’m going to only have the power of my arms to kind of hit it with and I’m going to use all arms to go in. I’m going to lose a lot of distance. So, if I can get myself to get nice and patient as I go back, get my left shoulder behind the ball, I want to feel like my arms are tension free and my legs are moving the club down first. If I can do that, I can then whip the club into a full finish. What’s paramount here is to finish in balance. If we finish out of balance, we rob ourselves out of distance immediately.

So we want to be able to get a big, wide, shoulder turn and back, our legs to start down and then the club should feel speed out in front and in balance. One of the things you can do to test yourself on this is when you’re swinging a club, turn in over, with the grip end here and the head end here. Make some golf swings and listen to where the sound is. If the sound is back here or here, we know we’re using our arms. If the sound is out here with it, that means our body and our arms are working properly. So we swing, and we hear the sound pass the ball.

If we can get that in, you’ll then be able to walk up to the golf ball, set up to it, get yourself into a nice position, slow big turn and go ahead and hit it down the fairway. The ball should go a lot farther.

So, if you’re trying to gain more distance with your driver, make sure you complete your turn, relax your arms and start with your body not with your hands and arms in the golf swing.


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