Golf Elbow Exercises: Exercise for Medial Epicondylitis

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Golf Elbow Exercise for Medial Epicondylitis also known as Golfer’s ElbowTendonitis.

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The main culprit of Medial Epicondylitis (Golfers Elbow) is overstress to the anterior forearm muscles that flex the fingers, thumb and flex and pronate the wrist. Treatment for Medial Epicondylitis is following a stretching and strengthening program specifically for medial epicondylitis. Stretch the tight muscles (Flexors & Pronators) and strengthen the Extensor & supinator of the wrist and forearm. Perform this exercise 2-3 x a week and follow a stretching routine to help stretch out the muscles of the wrist and forearm. For more exercises and stretches to help rehab injuries and other nagging pains visit my channel and subscribe for continuous video updates. Thanks for watching and supporting my channel.

Oscar Sanchez, C.S.C.S.