Golf Exercises

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A Golfer’s Best Friend

When it comes to golf, we all know a good swing is only as good one’s flexibility allows for. Good hip capsule mobility allows you to get into the turn, unlocking tight joints leads to decreases in swing faults, and most importantly loose hips and shoulders allow for great rotary power. So why is that guys who want to improve their golf game go in the gym and only lift weights? You never see them stretching. You also never see guys who have tight joints properly warm up before they play, yet they wonder why it takes them 5 holes to find their rhythm. When our muscles are tight we tend not to move through the right motor patterns, throwing off our game. Because most of our joints work through three planes of motion, we should be warming up and stretching through all three planes so that the body is ready for whatever you throw at it during exercise. In doing so, we are setting ourselves up for success.

Here’s the thing, these four stretches/exercises take about 5 to 8 minutes to go through and they will make a huge difference in your game or your workout. Don’t complain about your game when you can’t even put five minutes into a warm up with some light stretching. If you think Tiger or Phil don’t warm up properly and stretch before they go out and play you’re only lying to yourself. By the way, hitting 20 balls on the range before you play is not a warm up. So next time you’re out on the course or in the gym, warm up for five minutes and then run through these four stretches. I guarantee you will feel your hips moving a lot better and that your body is moving as one unit.