Golf Exercises For Back Pain, Improving the Golf Swing and Core Strength – Chop Away

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Golf Exercises For Back Pain with the golf performance experts at

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In this video, Alex Fortey discusses some simple golf exercises that will ease your back pain suffered from over repetition of your golf swing. Back pain is usually caused by weak body parts, poor flexibility and imbalances in the muscular development of your body.

Is this part of the issue for Tiger Woods back pain injury? It could well be, although his is more skeletal than muscular, at least that’s where it stemmed from apparently.

So here, you see some good core exercises fro golf that will not only ease you back pain, but will also improve your swing and even increase your swing speed without sacrificing accuracy or consistency.

These low to high, horizontal chops and high to low resistance band chops are so simple bu so effective you can use them regularly in your golf fitness program or just do at home to help your golf swing and reduce back pain.

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