Golf Exercises To Improve Mobility and Rotational Power for the Golfer

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Here is another video we shot recently with PGA Tour Pro Ken Druce and we show you how you can assess yourself with a simple posture test and use a couple of really easy exercises to improve your ability to rotate.

Rotational power is extremely important for the golf player to be able to execute the perfect back-swing and follow through for the drive. In order to be able to achieve this, having great extension in your upper back area known as thoracic extension is the key. Ken shows you how he tests people for this and then we look at how to do a simple Foam Roller extension exercise to loosen your upper back.

Then my favourite exercise “Golf Neck Trunk Trainer’ we show you how to do.

But even better than that Ken shows you how a good swing looks like after completing the series of mobilizations and corrections. We actually set up a fake green within the gym and get Ken to swing the club to demonstrate swing faults that are commonly caused by poor posture and lack of rotation.

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