Golf Exercises When You're Short On Time With The Golf Gym Power Swing Trainer

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Golf Drills and Exercises

The days are drawing in, the weather (for many of you) is getting colder and the frequency of your practice range or course visits are becoming less.

For about 3 weeks now I have been using Golf Gym’s Power band. If you don’t know what it is, you should see the video below where I show you a few great golf drills exercises and movements you can do to enhance the sequence of your swing by improving the strength in the muscles where you need them.

Golf Gym Power swing trainer band is way way better for this particular task.

Not only does the golf gym power swing trainer do this particular move better, it has many other great exercises that not only increase your power for golf but helps core strength and improves your golf swing sequence.

Here below you see the breakdown and order of the golf drills and golf exercises that are in the video and really great to do at home, in the office or even as a pre round warm up. Not quite as good as the 7 minutes to power and performance but has a couple of exercises that can help in addition.

Wrist flexions – Assists with wrist stability and strength

Wrist rotations – Good for wrist mobility and pre round warm up

Upright rows with rotation – Core and hip rotation

Core hold rotations – Tougher on the core but same effect. You can make it more challenging by resisting the hip rotation even more

Wide Shoulder turn Windmills – Perfect for creating the correct turn and width in your swing

Behind Back Thoracic Rotations – A bit easier but still a good rotation and upper back mobility move.

Power swing – The key exercise and swing drill from Golf Gyms Power Band. Help your sing power with the right pattern and builds the core strength, tension and positions needed for a great golf swing.

So give the exercises a try with the versatile golf swing power trainer and as you can see it’s a smart move to have one of these at home.

Alex Fortey

Golf fitness golf training and off the cuff mental strategies for golf performance and athletic thinking