Golf Fitness: Develop More Shoulder Strength and Stretch with 8 Pound Power Ball

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Hey everybody, Ken Pierce here! In this video I am going to show you some shoulder exercises using our eight pound PowerBall from GolfGym. Alright, here we go, I’ve go our eight pound PowerBall with double handles and before I begin, I want to mention that if you have any shoulder issues at all, rotator cuff problems or anything you are dealing with that’s a problem with your shoulders, I recommend that you avoid this exercise or you don’t use the weight., or use a lot lower weight. This is eight pounds. If you want to use a couple pound dumbbell, then that’s fine too. But, make sure that if you do any of these exercises and you feel any pain whatsoever, immediately stop.

So the thing we want to start with is being in a nice shoulder width athletic stance or posture with your knees slightly bent. Back straight, head up, and what I want you to do Is take this eight pound ball and raise it up to your shoulder level and back down, raise it up to shoulder level and back down, shoulder level and back down. So try that exercise, again, if there is any pain, immediately stop and just do the movement with your arms to start with.

Alright, now, the next one we want to do is take it all the way above your head. So, here we are going to go into a good golf posture or a good posture an athletic posture and take it all the way above your head trying to keep your arms as straight as possible.. Now what this is going to do is also help with a little bit of stretch, and then bring it down. Now, if on the way down, you feel a lot of resistance to this, just bend your elbows. What I really want you to do is get it way above your head and feel the stretch, stretch, stretch way above your head this way.

Golf Fitness: Develop More Shoulder Strength and Stretch

So when we are looking sideways this way, I’ve got it way above my head and I am pushing it up with my arms coming closer to my ears. Bring it down again and down. Bring it up and really nice and stretch that our, and holy cow, do I feel it all the way up in my back and my core, all the way up. So. Bring it back down and go here. Now, if you can build up to this an keep your arms straight, then this is what I would like you to do. But, if you can’t, then bring the weight in here. All the way up. Hold it., and down in here and down.

It’s a tremendous stretch that you can develop and it will help to strengthen those shoulders that can affect your back and your core too! We’ll see you next time!

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