Golf Fitness Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

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Are you looking to improve your golf fitness over the off-season? Jim asked Maria Palozola of, what exercises he could do at home or at the gym to improve his golf game.

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Maria was joined by Physical Therapist and TPI Certified Level 2 Fitness Instructor Jeff Pelizzaro, of, who answered Jim’s question by sharing 4 quick exercises that anyone can work on to improve their golf fitness.

Lower Body Exercises

– Squat – Jeff explains that getting into the proper posture and developing flexibility is the most important aspect before weight is added and he demonstrates a basic squat with no weight.

– Bridge – Jeff demonstrates a bridge and a one legged bridge which will help strengthen your butt and hamstrings.

Upper Body Exercises

– Seated Row – Jeff demonstrates how the seated row can increase the strength in your back muscles.

– Rotation Exercise – Jeff demonstrates a basic rotation exercise with a band and explains how its important to rotate all the way around and to focus on getting your hips to rotate with you.

All four of these exercises that Jeff demonstrates will lead to improved strength and flexibility that will help your golf game.