Golf Fitness Made Simple Class Overview

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In this video, I (Ken Pierce, Creator of the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer ,PowerSWING Plus and Power Hip Trainer) take golfers through an overview of the Golf Fitness Made Simple classes I teach.
It begins with some simple warm up exercises/movement patterns that will help to get you ready for the first tee. Then we move into rotational stretches and movements to help you develop better shoulder rotation and the feeling of using the ground up for more power.

Using Anti-Rotational drills with the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer, we can develop the critical muscles used in the golf swing that will help to prevent injury to your spine. The stronger your stabilizing muscles are, the more protection you give to the spine including the lower back.

In a One-Piece Takeaway drill you will feel the Pressure Shift in the golf swing to establish a more powerful base from which to swing more consistently in a controlled manner.
One of the drills utilizes a core principle from the Tathata Golf teaching. Opening the chest from a golf posture that helps with rotation and posture.

The tools used in the classes are: 1. An Alignment rod, 2. Your Driver, 3. The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer, 4. The GolfGym Squeasy Ball.
This video is packed with Simple Golf Specific drills and exercises to help every golfer get more flexible and strong in order to maintain Stability, Flexibility and Mobility in your Golf Game.

Thanks for watching
Ken Pierce