Golf Fitness Plan, 6 Weeks Training Exercises For Unfit Golfers, Free Lessons

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In This New FREE Report You'll Discover 7 Quick And Easy Things To Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking. Here's a small preview of what you'll find in the PDF:

  • Shortcut#1: Discover Ben Hogan's secret for hitting the sweet spot consistently.
  • Shortcut #2: The cure for fat shots.
  • Shortcut #3: The key to a successful golf swing.
  • Shortcut #4: How to hit one shot - consistently.
  • Shortcut #5: Improve your consistency by doing this.
  • Shortcut #6: The real way to play one shot at a time.
  • Shortcut #7: Ben Hogan's secret to low scores.
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Grab the Free Plan here Discover: Why most golfers fall behind their handicap, 9 stretches that will loosen your muscles, build core strength, generate more powerful swings and more accurate shots, how to increase flexibility how to beat everyone to the next hole, all while breathing smoothly and calmly and even more.

This fitness e-book is packed with golf-specific activities to help you improve your game and lower your scores. It includes stretching, flexibility, strength, and cardio routines designed to help you become more golf-fit.

Our program can be used by golfers of all ages. Young and old, men and women, these activities will help improve flexibility, stamina, and endurance for everyone

Because it would be impossible to know the fitness level of everyone reading this e-book, we have intentionally started on the lower end of the scale. For best results, follow the program and make any necessary adjustments to match your current level of fitness.

Some may claim golf is not a physical sport, but they would be wrong. Just like in basketball, football, or baseball, players must be in shape to play their best game. While you don’t necessarily have to be a Samson to play a great round of golf, a higher fitness level equates to better results.

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Improve and change how play golf step by step.

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