Golf Fitness Series – the Power House of Golf Performance

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Golf Fitness Weekly Workout Series brought to you by, a company dedicated to golf performance.

This weeks golf fitness video feature a few great exercises to strengthen the lower body, otherwise known as the Power House of the golf swing.

Power during the golf swing should be generated from the ground up, this is achieved by having a strong and balanced muscular system of the lower body.

The exercises in this video will target all of the major muscles of the lower body that are in demand during the golf swing including the Glutes, known to many experts in the field as the “king” of the golf swing. The glutes not only assist in the connection of the upper and lower body, but they also provide great power and control during the rotation of the golf swing.

The exercises will also target key stabilizers in the lower body that assist in the building of a solid foundation for optimal performance on the golf course.