Golf Fitness Training by Kai Fusser of Kai Fitness for Golf – 60 second commercial

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Get Free Report Now - Click Here (opens in a new tab) Kai Fusser believes it’s about building a strong core, and working on the proper movements needed in order to make a consistent and repeatable GOOD golf swing. Kai Fitness for Golf is also about injury prevention and prolonging your “healthy” playing life; and this revolutionary fitness program does this by getting mechanically stronger and learning how to move properly.

Kai Fitness for Golf is not a “killer” routine where you need to workout 60-minutes a day six or seven days a week. When working out with Kai Fitness for Golf you can concentrate, and learn how to use your entire muscular system in unison so you can make a good golf swing every time you stand over the ball. By working out with Kai Fitness for Golf you can perform certain movements of the swing in front of a mirror at slow speed with some resistance for better feedback without the ball. This allows you to concentrate, feel, and learn at a much higher rate than when on the range.

When you work on your game, at the range, the feedback you receive is minimal. You focus on ball flight, and depending on how the ball flies, you make a determination on what is going on with your swing. No matter what, you will always make sure to have contact with the ball.

Whether you elect to workout in the gym, or at home, Kai will help you take certain swing movements, perform them in front of mirror (yes, you should workout where there is a mirror so you can continually check body movement and positioning) at slow speed with some resistance for better feedback without the ball. It is this methodology that allows students (golfers) to concentrate, to feel and learn at a much higher rate as opposed to hitting balls on the range. Now, of course you need to hit balls, but these workouts are designed to improve your body movements to improve your swing quickly, and to save you time and frustration on the range.