Golf Fitness: Weight Transfer

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Actually, it’s Pressure (rather than ‘weight’) that we really want to improve.
The exercises in this video aim to improve the way you use pressure/force in the golf swing.
Starting with Squats, Deadlifts and Hip Thrusts, targeting lower body strength to be able to put more force into the ground.
Moving onto lateral lunges, learning to apply force with one leg (unilateral) and in a frontal (sideways) plane similar to that of the golf swing.
With the Cable Rotations, really focusing on using the pressure and legs to create movement, similar to what you’re trying to achieve in the golf swing.
Using the Lateral Bounds to develop force quickly in the frontal plane (building on the strength from the lateral lunges).
The med ball hip toss can be useful, similarly to the cable rotations, for developing pressure and good sequencing.
These exercises alone could also provide a foundation to a gym training plan (upper body work needed), but aiming to progressively improve strength and power in these exercises can help your golf performance (not must with pressure transfer).