Golf | Get Amazing Tempo Golf Swing Drill and BallStriking | The G-Force Training Aid

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Get amazing tempo golf swing drill and ballstriking. The G-force golf swing training aid is here now. Golf Swing Training Aid For Tempo and Ballstriking.
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Having a good consistent move through the ball that allows the combination of technique, golf swing mechanics and natural insticts is the key for good ballstriking , consistent golf shots and more power that you can trust.

The The G-Force Golf Swing Trainer is a brilliant golf aid for every area of your game.

This feel is key for a lot of golfers. it might just help you play your ideal golf game. The art of simple golf is on a mission to give you simple golf lessons that give the results you want without too much practice, time and strain on your body.

Golf instructor Alex Fortey explain how to get amazing tempo golf swing drill and ball striking golf shot. If you want to more about G-Force golf review so that this golf lesson video is for you to learn more about g force golf clubs.

In this g force, golf training aid help you to boost your golf game. Alex Fortey also teaches you how to do best tempo golf swing drills.

This tempo golf drills help you to more consistency golf shot so let’s start with our golf tempo trainer in the basic simple golf tempo drills.

0:13 I’m reviewing a really neat training aid and that is the G-force. The G-force is basically a heavy weighted club with a rather whippy shaft as you can see. It goes some nice grips on it.

0:42 Now why these are so good? I mean there are lots of reasons. There are lots of drills. You can do but the most simple and basic that it will give you is innocent feedback from stopping. You snatching too much like too many of you will snatch away even with cheap shots.

0:56 You’ll be like this and you’ll be amazed at how badly your chip and pitch just because of your tempo. Now more often than not if you’re not staying connected and you know a nice smooth rhythm.

1:12 Your pitches will not be consistent and this if you can get consistent with this. You can get consistent with a regular wedge very very easily. So all we’re trying to do is feel rhythm. Where everything’s sort of staying together as one feeling like.

1:27 We’ve got a nice release but we’re feeling the weight of the club. Just for that pitch action now that’s what we want to try and feel with the pitching because if you go too quick. It’s going to fall to fly off to the right.

1:43 You’re going to hit fat and thin shots. So we have to really feel the weight of this and allow it to guide us as long as. We’ve got that shot. I want to strike the ground just after I don’t wanna go too deep. So I’ve got my eyes focused on there and that was a perfect strike accelerated through and a nice rhythm and connection.

2:05 It will give you instant feedback. Now the seven iron. I mean that’s great for chipping. I just demonstrated pitching there but here we have a 7 iron. What is not going to be quite so easy because what most people have happened to them is when they’re swinging this.

2:23 They’re going to send them sailing wideout to the right because they’re either too disconnected. They’re flipping the club or they’re holding on and that sort of extra lag, because they’re holding on, is keeping that club-face open. So more often than not when people are swinging this club.

2:42 They’re going to hit it out to the right which is exactly what that did because they’re sort of holding on. You know trying to fight gravity almost. However, you feel like everything’s working together when you’re feeling the weight of this club and allowing it to place.

3:05 The sort you’re trying to hit. You start feeling like you’ve got the swing and the shots. You want to hit now that was perfect a little draw absolutely ideal.

3:23 We can’t swing quickly if we did a very typical golf swing which is like this. It’s not going to look very pretty. The ball is going to white round to the left or hit go around to the right. So we have to take our time, we have to gather the swing and we have to trust that the club.

3:41 We have to wait for foe it and we have to stay connected to get the swing that we want so a fantastic training tool immediate feedback. Immediate rhythm and improvement and if you can play with this. You can start to really play with anything so take the runs of the low if you want to learn more and have a great discount but there are quality clubs.

Stay connected with me and learn more about golf. Don’t forget to subscribe our channel and leave a comment what you will want for next videos.



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